Welcome To Modernage

School Timing: Opening 7:30 am Closing 01:00 pm


The first thing i'd like you to know about The Moderan School & College System is that we give our students permission to dream big things. Our mission is to nurture individual potential. We belive in cultivating intelligence and talent. Rather then being fixed and finite, intelligence and talent will expand and grow, given the right encouragement. So we aim to keep students' dreams and aspirations alive. We are doing all we can to ensure that when students eventually leave school, they will do so as confident, caring young people, who are creative, curious, and committed to their learning. Our values of respec, integrity, curiosity, and excellence, are behind everything we do as a staff and as a school. MSCS asa responsible esatablishment, realizes the lacuna of good leadership in each stratum of society and is committed to its vision pf preparing a new generation of leader who will not only be illuminated with meaningfull education and character qualities but will also be capable of bringing reforms and pleasant changes in customary systems prevailing in our society. these brilliantly educated and committed leaders will be an asset for the nation and a role models for others.

Our Mission

The major purpose of our efforts is to provide that constructive knowledge to our students with which they can cme up to shoulder their responsibilities of pratical life in a befitting manner. By inculcating the qualities of confidence, leadership and self-reliance, it is the sole objective of MSCS teaching staff to teach the young students in such a way that they may keep theri heads high, not only in competative examinations but also in other field of life demanding excellence. This cherished goal is also reflected by MSCS Motto, " To prepare the generation of today, to face the challanges of tomorrow " MSCS also feels it as its responsibility to make the child aware of his / her Religious obligations and social norms that he may not deviate from the right path. For the realization of this mission, the institution has been established on modern and standard lines with its educational policy centered roound excellent academic.