The Moderanage School and College System have been established by AHK. The AHK made a humbel begining in 1995, when it started admissions from class playgroup to 8th only and by 2009, it went up to intermediate.

We take a great pleasure in welcoming you to The Moderange School and Colege System. We have created an exciting environment for teaching and learning along with our highly qualified faculty and a proven system of student support services.

The Moderange School and College System has been specially introduced for the peculiar conditions exiting in Pakistan where most of the people educated from schools can read and write but can't cope with the challenging situation prevailing in the country and the world. Id differs in purposem scope and method from other educational institutions in the country.

The Moderanage School and College System strives to deliver the best quality teaching and learning services and facilities. We also aim to ensre that all students can learn at pace and to the level the best matches their needs and aspirations.

The Modernage School and College System has furnished with audio-visual equipments, fully equipped science laboratories and computer labs. Its our great responsibillity to look after our children's Religious Education as well. For this purpose, Nazra Quran uis being taught in all campuses. Your choice where your children should study is one of the most important decisions you will ever make because we believe that knowledge is not only an information but formation. At The Moderange School and College System, you can be sure of eduation that meets the highest academic standards and of high quality personalized tuition, we warmly invite you to join The Modernage School and College System.