MSCS has developed a strict policy for the admissions based on the principles of tranparency and fairness, for which purpose the School's admissions committe collectively reviews cases and select students. Without discrimination, MSCS welcomes childern from all communities & religions, with only merit as the sole criterion for admission. Admission tests are conducted between April every year in Pre-Nursery is 3 years to 3.5 year and for Nursery is 3.5 year to 4 year.

Evaluation is conducted on the basis of testing the children and interviewing the parents. Prospective candidates will be informed of the test results after a period of one week from the time of evaluation through phone, SMS and / or letter. All decisions regarding the selection of students is made by a panel and are considered final.

The Moderange School and College System has been specially introduced for the peculiar conditions exiting in Pakistan where most of the people educated from schools can read and write but can't cope with the challenging situation prevailing in the country and the world. Id differs in purposem scope and method from other educational institutions in the country.


Registeration for new admissions continues for 15 days. The dates for registeration are announced early in April every year. For the conveniance of the parents, separate counters for Pre-Nursery and Nursery are set up. The staffon the counters ensures that the requisite documents are complete and in order, after which they issue a token. The parents are seated in the designated waiting areas to wait for the announcement of the number on the token. They then proceed to the data entry room for registration. After the data entry, the parents are given a printed form to review tha data and sign it. The form is submitted along with the required documents at the clearance counter. The counter, after receving registeration fee, issues a Clearance counter, after receving registeration fee, issues a Clearance Slip / Admit Card which contains the date and time for the test and Interview.

( Incomplete regitration forms will not be acceptd ).


Admissions for higher classes open on the basis of the availibility of seats in eacg classs. The dates for registeration are announced early in April every year. The admission procedure for higher classes remains the same as for Pre-Nursery Classes.

  • The decisions of Admissions Committe are full and final.
  • Although siblings are given some preference, admission is not guaranted and is based on the overall assessment process.
  • Parensts must ensure that theybring all the neccessary documents with them.
  • The School reserves the rights of admission. Any person being rude, obstreperous or attemping to bribe the staff will imediately be evicted from the School premises, and their child struck off the list of candidates.
  • Parents must comply with the rules and regulations of the school.
  • The School reserves the right to check the person and personnel affects of all those allowed int the School premises for security reasons.
  • The registeration fee (300) for admission tests is non-refundable.
  • The School is not responsible for the loss of any personal affects.
  • It is advisable for only one parent to come per applicant
  • Children brought to the School during the admissions process are the responsibility of the parent.
  • Three passport size photographs and School Leaving Certificate, duly countersigned by the concerned EDO of the last school attended ( where applicable ) are to be attached with the admission form.
Students seeking admission in F.Sc part-1 must be attach the following documents with the admission form.
  • Provisional Certificate (attested copy).
  • Detailed Marks Certificate (attested copy).
  • Certificate of Good Character (attested copy).
  • Migration Certificate (in original). If passed from any other B.I.S.E
  • Domicile Certificate (attested copy).